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Conversity is an advanced messaging engine (SDK), enabling you to embed live chat functionality in your app. Live chat call-to-action buttons can be placed at multiple locations within your app like check out, support, contact us, feed back etc.

Give your customers the freedom to seamlessly engage with you in real time.

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Conversity - Live Chat for Mobiles Android, IOS

Accelerate growth via Customer Engagement

Conversity helps you grow exponentially. Help your customers when they need you & reduce shopping cart abandonment, bad reviews, customer churn.
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Live Chat for Mobile Apps (Android & iOS)

Simple, Convenient & Intuitive

Every bit of Conversity is designed with user experience in mind. Our focus is speed, performance, reliability & ease of use. The UI is greatly customizable to give a seamless look.

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Live Chat for Apps (Android & iOS)


Millions of apps, 100s of competitors. How do you ensure customer retention? The key to success in today's hyper-connected, hyper-competitive world is Real-Time Customer Engagement.

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