Chatbots Are Arnold Schwarzenegger In Clever Disguise

Chatbots Are Arnold Schwarzenegger In Clever Disguise

“I’ll be back,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Boy! He’s back. Back by the hundreds and thousands as chatbots.

Alright. Comparing this

to this

could be a bit of a stretch.

But the concept remains the same: that of a machine using AI to respond. Maybe we can’t expect our chatbots to jump out with all guns blazing to save us when we are in danger, but we can expect them to help us when we are making our next purchase decision.

Chatbots seem to be the next big thing people are talking about and talking to. More and more people prefer using chats to conduct transactions with businesses, but can the bots be allowed to completely take over the chat scenario?

The answer is a big, resounding NO.

You may ask, why not? Why not, if they are able to do the job of multiple human operators at a much lower cost and at a much bigger scale?

Well, there are compelling reasons to press forth the cause of continuing to use live support teams to handle chats. Here are a few of them:

  • “While chatbots have a lot to offer in terms improving online experiences, they can’t replace the human touch.”
    The 2018 State of chatbots report
  • “43% of consumers said they prefer dealing with an actual person.”
    The 2018 State of chatbots report
  • “9 out of 10 of us feel that we should always have the option to transfer to a live agent.” (Aspect 2017 Agent Experience Survey)


While chatbots are good they are not all good in terms of satisfied chat experience. There are still people out in the whole, wide world who prefer people to interact with them on chat when they are on the world wide web.


Also, chatbots may be great to provide assistance at the basic level, but what about the complicated and the convoluted?


A chatbot may not do the complicated ones as well as a person would, so the customer satisfaction will go for a toss. Lead generation is another area where we could win in the arm wrestling competition between bots and humans.

Even an off-the-scale superior AI machine that appears in Terminator  had to be garbed in an off-the-scale homosapien form of Schwarzenegger to give a human touch to the picture. Imagine a robot in all its robot glory being the hero. It wouldn’t have been able to hold a candle to Arnie and the movie would probably not have achieved the stratospheric heights that it did.

Which is why John clings to Arnold at the end of the movie begging him not to go, not cause he’s a robot on the inside, but cause he’s Arnie on the outside.

So, don’t say bye to your support teams while installing bots on your chats. Use the bots because they’re great technology that will save you resources while allowing you to scale up, but use them wisely and use them in conjunction with your teams. Your human support team could prove to be the indispensable vital factor required to grow your business. Their contribution would be to plug the gaping, dangerous holes left by the bots in their chat interactions through which customer satisfaction and lead generation could fall through.

The 2018 State of Chatbot Reports agrees with this:

“…by using chatbots in combination with online chat, businesses can deliver a level of real-time service that they’d be unable to achieve using either technology on its own.”


At some point of time the bot has to say, “I have to go away.”

And let the humans take over. Even the Terminator had to go away so that John Connor could rule the day.

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